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Our reproducers are tested HCM - PKD - HD and HCM1



The Main Coon is a feline with a wild look but with great gentleness. His dimensions which draw him straight to the first row among the other feline do not represent his principal characteristic. If we chose the Main Coon, it was, above all for his character. He can live inside your home easily without asking to go out.  He adapts himself well with babies as well as other animals and other races of cats. He loves his keepers and enjoys to be cuddled. That is the reason why his nickname is ‘The gentle giant” …

Our passion is to propose beautiful Main Coons, conform to it’s race standard.

But before all that they should be in good health. Our cat breeding is recognized by the FiFe (Federation Internationale Féline). All our cats are participating to the expositions FiFe.

In our cat breeding Villamauve, we are very caring to the wellbeing as well as the protection of our cats. As the saying goes : “Better to prevent than to cure” , we make it a must that our kittens have a diversify genetic inheritance. We put into place a program of strict detection of genetic known diseases.

Our Main Coons are not locked up in cages. They have free access everywhere in the house. They also have the possibility to go outside in the garden into a pen with a wire fence through a small trap door built specially for them.

This familial aspect, added to the tests and vaccines lavishly provided, bring them great security as well as a warranty of health and great sociable behavior.

Our kittens live constantly with us, humans as well as with the other cats of the house to facilitate at the utmost their new contacts with their future owners. However, our kittens are not allowed to go to the pen, so they won’t miss the outside in case their new owners don’t have a garden.




“Ramsès le Grand” de Villamauve  (6 month old on the picture).

He lives with my friend Françoise in Veytaux.



Our column  next litterwill give you info re. expected litters. Our females will give you the kitten of your dreams.


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